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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015

Hey everyone!
  Woah it is so hot here! Air conditioning only exists in the supermarket here that we only get to visit 1 time in the week! But I absolutely love the coast and this area. This week has been great and we have learned a lot. We almost had a miracle this week as a young man told us that he had attended 2 times to church and was ready for baptism. We verified everything with the Branch President and started to prepare him for baptism on Sunday. We stopped by his house 30 minutes before his baptism interview to remind him, and his grandma came and told us that there was a death in the family and he went with his family to the capital for the funeral! We were so excited because he is a great young man and is going to be an awesome help for his family to receive the Gospel in their lives as well. He didn't get back until the next day, but he is super excited to be baptized this Sunday
   We have also been working with a family where the husband is an inactive member and his wife is an investigator. The only problem is they don't attend church because the husband is a little hard in heart or what we say in spanish a chambone (which basically means lazy person). The wife is awesome for example yesterday we had a family home evening with her and the branch presidents family and she asked a ton of questions about the Atonement of Christ and she wants to be baptized and go to the temple with her husband. The only difficulty we have is that the husband doesn't have quite the same mindset, but I know that little by little we can help this new family get to the temple so they can be together forever.
    Things have been tough but we have been working hard and keeping our head up. Our Branch President is awesome and this Sunday we are renting a bus to go by some parts of our area that our so far away in order to pick up investigators that have wanted to attend, but have not been able to due to the distance and other needs. We are excited for this, but it requires that everyday we need to be in those areas in order to get the word out to everyone. This means we are going to be walking a ton because these areas are an hour and a half away when we are walking super fast! But with a little sacrifice comes a great reward. I have learned a ton about sacrifice and more than ever about the great sacrifice our Saviour made. I may wake up hurting in my body everyday, but that is nothing compared to what my Saviour did for me, He is the reason I can wake up and work hard everyday even if I hurt so much from the day before! I hope you all have a great week,
Elder Daybell

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