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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015

This week has been really interesting and has had its ups and downs but I have learned a ton! The branch had an activity every day this past week for the week of the family. Each night they did something different and every night there was an investigator in attendance or a friend of the members. There was a lot of participation from all the members and I have some pictures from the Talent show that they did the second to last night. There were 4 missionaries that night in San Juan La Noria and they commited a family of 6 to baptism and all of the accepted. It was a pretty fun Talent show and a great week of activities. They ended the week with a devotional from Elder Richard G. Scott and we just watched a video from 2012 on how to strengthen and prepare for eternal marriage and also some advice for Young adults on how to prepare for that. It was a great devotional but don't worry... I'm still focused. ;)

This week the storms are beginning to come and one night the lightning was so close and loud it was frightening. The power goes out a ton here in this area, for any little thing that happens the power goes out. So one night my companion and I were getting ready for bed and in one moment there was lightning that struck nearby and there was a pop and all the lights went out. But I went to check and the fridge was still on, so we found out that the power got so strong due to the lightning strike that is burned all of the lights in our house. So for 3 days we were planning and getting ready for bed with our flashlights but first thing on Pday we took care of our lights! Rainy season has come and I can tell it rains super hard here.

This week church was hard as not 1 investigator attended, but my companion and I took this as an opportunity to focus on what we need to do better in order to help people attend church. We decided we needed to look for ways to invite the spirit even more in our lessons. We have also made plans with our Branch President to get a bus and go by the houses of our investigators that live super far away, in this area we have some towns that are an hour and a half walking distance from the church and the people don't attend for this but they want to attend church and believe this is the true church, but we think that if we can get a bus and go by then this will help these investigators find the need to sacrifice a little and attend church on Sunday. I have learned a ton about sacrifice here in the mission and although I can't make people sacrifice, I can help them see the importance to sacrifice. I also know now that I need to make sacrifices in my life if I am going to ask others to do so. 
I hope you all have an amazing week and know I love you, 
Elder Daybell

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