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Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 24, 2015

    Really the last week of February already? I blinked my eyes and that month flew by. But we had a lot of success in that month and I have learned a ton. I am loving the work and could not be more happier with everything that is happening here in Villa Canales. I am working hard with the language too, for my language study in order to change my accent so people can understand me better I read out loud with a pen in my mouth to keep my tongue up. It feels weird but I guess it works! 
     We have had a lot of success in this area this week. I always feel like we have success I guess. This week our Hermanito Gustavo attended church with his grandma and he really liked it! He is so smart for a 9 year old it's insane! He is really quiet but listens and learns well. He's going to be a missionary some day I just know it. We also had a family that we have been teaching attend church and they loved it. The husband wants to be baptized and we are just working with the wife now to have the same desires. She payed a lot of attention in church and looked like she learned a lot and is going to apply the things she learned to her life. We are going to visit with them this next Sunday because they are always busy but they are also going to attend church. Families are forever people! 
     Yesterday we had splits with the traveling assistants and even though they are crazy, I learned a ton. We have learned from them to be diligent in all things to share our love for them and always use the Book of Mormon. We have a new rule here in this mission that we must always have a Book of Mormon in our hand as we are outside the house working. And if there is one thing I have learned it is to be obedient with exactness to see miracles so I have my Book of Mormon here to have with me always. (For my family it's the Libro de Mormon I got last Christmas before I even had my call) And also to show our love for everyone we seriously say in every contact and every lesson now, We Love you. Some people may think we are weirdos but at least they know we love them just as Christ loves us! I hope you all know: I Love You! Have an amazing week full of the Spirit.
Elder Daybell 

February 18, 2015

Hey Everyone! I hope your week was filled with love and that all is going well for each and every one of you. We have had a great time here in Villa Canales.
    This week we had the baptism of Hermana Victoria. It was very special and her mom came which was awesome because she is a little inactive but Victoria is going to be the example for her mom. It was a great service and my companion got to baptize. During the day my convert Hermana Estela how old a person had to be to be baptized and when we said 8 she said she wanted me to baptize her Grandson. So we went yesterday and taught her Grandson Gustavo. He is awesome and for a 9 year old he payed really good attention and answered every single question! So we made plans with Hermana Estela to have her bring her Gustavo to church so he can get to know the primary.One person can open the door to many more is what I have learned from this experience!
     We have tons of Investigators right now it's so hard to talk about all of them. I absolutely love this area and the people and members here. If we work hard we should have about 5 baptisms in the beginning of March and this includes completing 2 families and that means that the whole family will be members in these families! Families are forever everyone and it's so good to know that I will see my family after this life with the blessings that this Gospel brings! 
   I want you all to know that I absolutely love this area. The people of Villa Canales call themselves canaleños. And there is a saying all over this town of Canaleños de Corazon and that means like Canaleños of heart. And I love this saying so I went to the town offices with my companion and asked for a shirt with this saying and they gave me one, but it was even better than I imagined it says: Orgulloso de ser canaleño de Corazon or Proud to be canaleño of the heart. I will definitely be wearing this shirt often after the mission because I am a canaleño de corazon! 
   I hope you all know I have a strong testimony of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. I am a representante of Him, not any other man. I know and testify with all of my heart that he lives and loves every one of us. I hope you all have an amazing week and find the best in everything!
Les Amo,
Elder Daybell
p.s.The sidewalk says Somos canaleños de Corazon or we are canaleños de Corazon

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 10, 2015

Hey everyone I just wanted you to all know. LES AMO!
I hope you have a great Valentines day and serve someone or let someone know that you love them. I have learned to have love for everyone here in the mission. Even to the man that says mean words to us on his porch we always say: Just know that we love you and you're invited to church. Love is important in the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and only through his love we are able to receive eternal life. 
    We have been working hard, as always, and this week we have a baptism! A girl of 9 years of age that we have been teaching will be baptized this week. Her mom isn't active and her dad doesn't want to be a member but they are amazing people and we are hoping Hermana Victoria can be an example to her family with her baptism. It has been a new experience to teach a little girl of this age because we had to change everything in our teaching strategy so that she understands! But she is bien pilas! 
    Today we had zone training and learned that there are 4 levels of a disciple of Christ and we read in John 21 that the highest level is to be a friend to Christ. And we can be a friend to Christ and God when we are friends to everyone and have love for everyone. We also become friends of Christ when we put aside something we value to spend more time serving him. So this week I would like you all to reach out to someone that perhaps you wouldn't reach out to or forgive someone of something because to be a true disciple of Christ we need to be friends with everyone! I wish you all a great week and like I said before I love you all!
Elder Daybell

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

Hey Everyone,
This won’t be such a big message because the internet here is really bad today. Like really bad, I’m writing in word and then going to copy and paste. But this week has been pretty awesome. We finished the week on Sunday with a baptism of Hna Winifer! It was pretty special because her mom got to attend and she isn’t a member.

We also had a crazy miracle the day before. Hno Jeferson, a boy of 11 years old was in the street and said hi to us and I had the impression to ask him some questions. I asked if he wanted to hear our message and he said he had attended the church several times with a family here. So I asked if he wanted to be baptized and his response was when? We found his mom and she isn't attending a church right now and her daughter has gone to our church before too. I am so excited to work with them and see how everything goes.

I also saw something in the market this week and went and bought it. I have been waiting since October for when the Mangoes would be in the markets and I finally saw them this week so for P day I went and bought a little more than a weeks worth of Mangoes! And they are absolutely amazing! We also find out what’s going to happen with cambios this week and my companion and I have one more change here together in villa canals 1! I am so happy because we have worked so hard and have 9 investigators that are just bien pilas and I have a feeling we are going to baptize a lot in this cambio if we keep working this way! I have felt so blessed by the Lord to be in this area and to work with these people. I have fallen in love with Villa Canales and the people here. I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my mission in this area but I know the Lord is preparing people in other areas for me to teach too and to come to love. I hope you all have a great week and know I love you all!
Elder Daybell