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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016

Right now Elder Larsen is on his plane home... that is insane to me right now! But I am happy to say he worked hard up until the very last moment. He was a great Elder and I learned a ton from him. I hope to hear very soon from Hermano Larsen haha. We had a great week and had many miracles and he left this area with many possible baptisms. My new companion is Elder Gallacher from Sandy, Utah. Utahtecos! I am very excited to be working with him, he has 1 month more than I do in the mission. 

This week Hermana Rebekah said the prayer in sacrament meeting and she did awesome, the best part is that her son Lester (the rebellious one) was there for church this week. He really enjoyed it and actually knew some of the people that were there. It was even better that his mom got to say the prayer just so he could see that and feel the spirit. 

We recently found a guy who wants to make a huge change in his life. I had the feeling to go get a member to go with us to visit an investigator and as we went by his house we talked with him and his grandson. His grandson had recently had some sad things happen in his life and due to these things he is ready to make a change in his life. I met him before and he was a little hard of heart you could say, but the Lord prepares his children and sometimes things happen to wake us up so that we can change and that is exaclty what has happened with Hermano Yeovani. He has now gone to church 2 times and is preparing for baptism this 28th of February

This week should be another great one and we are excited for all the new changes. Elder Salcedo from my district in La Noria is now one of my district leaders here in the zone! I am so excited for this change it is going to be a great one! I hope you all have a great week! Love you, 

Elder Daybell  

District Photos 

Volcano Eruption! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016

Hey everyone, 

I hope you all had a great week. We have been working hard and having some great experiences down here. This will be my last week here with Elder Larsen as I will be staying here and he will be going to the area of Logan, Utah in order to start on the thing called life. I hope it goes well for him, he has been a great companion and I will certainly miss him. He's got a good life ahead of him. But we have 1 week left and lots of possibilities for baptism this week so we have to give it our all. We are going to do our best and I am almost positive that next week you should have a picture of another baptism we had. At least that is my hope.  

But we have been working super hard and this week we had a baptism! Jeremy got baptized! His mom was a less active but is now in the process of going to church. Jeremy never misses church and is always super pumped to go and he now knows where all of his classes are! He even thinks about being Elder Ramirez one day so he has got a good attitude about everything. 

Our other convert Santiago was able to be confirmed and has already passed through his interview for the priesthood and will receive that next week! He is reading the Book of Mormon and making lots of progress. Our other convert Hermana Rebekah should be getting a calling here soon, we have already talked to the Bishop. She has now finished 1 Nephi and understands a ton. It is awesome to watch all these converts progress and be able to get to the point where they can now help to build the kingdom. 

Today we had the chance to talk to the zone and we taught a lot about how the little things make the big difference in what we do as missionaries. I know that we need to be obedient with exactness. We talked a lot about fixing up on the little things so that we can keep doing awesome as a zone because last month as a zone we had 23 baptisms and it was a huge miracle. We are going to do the same this month as well and little by little the stake of Villa Hermosa will grow and just like that is how the church progresses. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Love, 
Elder Daybell

Superbowl win celebration on Sunday night just before bed with my lucky tie. I wore that tie every Sunday that the Broncos played, if you don't believe me look at all the baptism pictures! haha I know the camo shorts are pretty sick. haha MegaPaca! 

February 2, 2016

Well January went by so fast, after today my companion only has 2 weeks left! How crazy right. He is an awesome missionary and I have been able to learn a lot from him. He'll continue to do good things after this time I am so sure of it. This last week was awesome as we have been preparing people for baptism and had a miracle baptism this week. 

This guy Santiago had attended church for 2 weeks and we had never been able to find him until this last monday. We left him with the chance to read and pray and we went back on Wednesday. He had prayed and received and answer so we began to teach a little more. Then the spirit told us to challenge him to baptism on Sunday. So we followed and my companion challenged him for this Sunday, he accepted and then we realized we needed to teach him the Word of Wisdom which is almost always a problem down here because of Coffee. But he doesn't even like coffee or drink it! He was so prepared. So in the 2nd visit (Wednesday) we got him to accept baptism and then the 3rd (Friday) visit we taught him all the missionary lessons and the next day (Saturday) he was interviewed and baptized on Sunday. Talk about baptism in one week that was really awesome. We also have another baptism scheduled for this week and many other progressing investigators for the future! 

Hermana Rebekah that got baptized last week has been working hard. We had her begin reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning and we went back the next day to see how it went and she had read 5 chapters! And she also told us every little thing that goes on in those chapters as well. But I think the coolest thing that happened was in the Gospel principles class she was given an assignment, nothing too huge really just to pick up everyone's books when the class ended and put them away. As soon as she had said the final prayer she went around picking up the xtra books and almost took a guys personal book away haha. What really impacted me there was just her willingness to take that assignment and do it, it wasn't much but it shows the kind of things that she'll do in the future if she keeps that attitude up. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. 

Yesterday we went to Antigua and were able to barter a little and get a really nice nacho lunch. It was fun to go as a zone and just have a little time to enjoy ourselves. There is a time for everything Ecclesiastes 3. All in all it was a great week and I hope you all have a great week as well. Super Bowl Sunday Go Broncos!!! 

Elder Daybell 

January 26, 2016

Hey Everyone! 

This week was aweome! The best part about it was that we baptized Hermana Rebekah and Hermano Daniel! It is awesome how much they changed and how excited they are to be in the gospel now. Their faces may not show it too much in the picture, I feel like that is something I need to include in my teaching is how to smile! Haha Many of the people here just put on this super serious face when they take pictures so it makes it look like we obligate them all to be baptized or something! 

Other than that this week has been full of working with all the investigators we got to church. We had 6 of them attend again this week. We are also preparing 1 kid for baptism this week, Carlos Cano. His mom was inactive for 4 years but has been working towards coming back and now has 3 Sundays that she has attended! We also have another 2 people that we are helping that could be baptized this week or the next. I have certainly found more joy in standing in the baptismal font and helping a child of God enter in the path than in anything else I have ever done in my life. I know this is the true gospel. 

This last week we also had the missionary conference that helped us take a look on all that we are doing and focus more on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. All this just made me think of the scripture in Doctrine and Convenants 18:10-16. I truly know that we have joy in helping a soul come back to Christ. They already accepted him in the spirit world, we just help them to do it again through the restored Gospel. I love you all and hope that you have a great week! Love, 
Elder Daybell

Oh and.... Go Broncos!!!!! ;) 

January 19, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This was a week of miracles. I won't lie, I had been a little down for the longest time about how the work was progressing in this area. But with the new splits we are doing and the changes they have made to the mission we have had a ton of miracles. We are trying to make our area a model area for the zone. So this week we did a ton to work with members and get people to church. 

Since Monday I started doing everything to get people to church this Sunday. I wrote down numbers, asked for addresses so we could stop by and pick them up. I even called an Hermano and got him to help us with a mini bus to drive a bunch of people to church. Sunday rolled around and we went in the bus and were able to get 5 investigators in the bus. Then at church we watched 6 more investigators show up! It was so awesome to see so many of these people we love and teach come to feel of the spirit at church. This week 3 of those 11 are preparing to be baptized this Sunday (Rebekah and Daniel Gonzalez, and Carlos Eduardo) And next week we have 4 possibly 5 people that are preparing for baptism the 31st of this month! We have worked hard to show our faith and now the Lord is helping us to bring forth fruits. 

I had splits one day this week with a missionary in our area and we had an experience that was super awesome and spiritually uplifting. We went to go visit a convert but she was busy. So then I had nothing more than a feeling to go contact a certain street in our area. We knocked and at the 2nd door we knocked we found members! Wahoo. but that wasn't quite the miracle, the Hermana explained to us that she had been waiting for us to visit her for so long because a few weeks ago had an accident and fractured her hip, making it hard for her to walk. She then told us that due to this her husband had taken her to church the last 2 weeks in a taxi because he knew how much she loved the church. She told us to visit him because he is not a member. He expressed to us his desires to change and be a better person and we were able to help him understand that that is exactly what we teach and that he can do it. He went to church again and we are planning his baptism for January or early February! There are miracles if you let the spirit guide! 

Well I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week! Let the spirit guide you all and I am certain you will see miracles just as I have! 

Elder Daybell

January 12, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week has been an amazing week! We have been working hard and seeing many miracles and we have also been able to see many miracles in our zone last week. One awesome miracle we had here in the zone is that last week we talked about faith and showed the missionaries examples of how they could show more faith and help more people come unto Christ. The first Sunday of the month in the zone there was a total of 31 investigators that attended church, and then the week after talking about faith with the missionaries and believing they could help others we had a total of 61 Investigators attending in the stake. It was a huge miracle and we know that the missionaries took that to heart and worked with the spirit in order to have all those people go to church. We have also had 3 baptisms of families here in these last 2 weeks. It is so cool to be able to show this faith and see all that is coming to pass because of everyone who believes. Mark 9:23

We have also been working hard with our investigator Hermana Rebekah. We talked with her on Saturday and with her sons. They were all super excited for church, except for her older son Lester, he's a little rebellious. Hermana Rebekah and her sone Daniel went to church and loved it. They know so many members and feel so welcome there. We also went Sunday night and took a member that we weren't sure they knew. But when we entered they began talking and it turns out they are great friends. We are so excited for the progress of her and her son's. They are scheduled to be baptized the 24th of this month! Last night we took them a coffee that is made of cereals called Morcaff and this is ok to drink, It's not really coffee. She accepted it and handed us over her real coffee and we went and chucked it, that was a lot of faith on her part! Really awesome the things that are happening there. 

Well I hope that everyone has a great week! Love you all, 
Elder Daybell