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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 9, 2015

 Hey Everyone! I have great news, I get at least one more change here in La Noria! My companion and I are staying together and are going to do work in this change. I love this area, I pretty much know this area like the back of my hand, for those of you who know Grantsville this area the town of La Noria is about the size of South Willow and we are working and contacting there everyday. We have other towns that are in our area but they are farther away and we can't work in those areas very long because they are dangerous or so they say. So I know about every person in this area, maybe not by name but by face and attitude. I know as we knock doors who is going to answer us and if they are going to receive us or not. This area has strengthened my testimony that the Lord is preparing people because missionaries have been here for 20 years and although the town is small and have all talked to the missionaries the work goes on and baptisms happen. This is what we call puros milagros! 
    This Sunday Nelson Escobar got baptized and I had the privelege to baptize him! He is the Brother of 2 Girls that we baptized early in the month of May Jenifer and Ericka. We are slowly working with this family as their mother and aunts have yet to accept the Gospel but as they say little by little and in the time of the Lord I know that they are going to accept. We are working with an older man right now and his name is Dionicio Reynosa. He is a little difficult but he loves the church because of the unity. His wife was a member but she died and he talks about her a lot. I really want to see him join the church and have the opportunity to be with his wife forever because I know she is waiting for him to join this Gospel and be sealed to her forever. Little by little I know that he will accept the Gospel.
   I hope you all have a great week and enjoy all the little things of life that sometimes we take for granted. This is the last day of one missionary in our zone and to me he just looked lost, like he didn't know what to do next. I often think of that day but seeing him helped me remember I need to enjoy this time and be grateful for it because it does end and won't happen again. I love you all,
Elder Daybell

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