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Thursday, September 25, 2014

First week in the MTC!



All is well at the CCM! My preparation days are on Tuesdays not Mondays just so you know and they took everyones cameras so there will not be any pictures for at least 6 weeks, Lo siento.  I'll give you the run down of my week.
Wednesday: we got in and smashed into a school bus on the way to the CCM all our luggage and around 30 of us all in a schoolbus! The driving here is crazy so I'm really glad I'm just walking most of the mission. We got to take a nap and were assigned companions who I told you mine is Elder Webster. He's a really cool guy. We then got a tour of the CCM and from my classroom there is a tree through the window that has orange flowers growing on the top of it! It is so pretty! Wednesday is kind of a blur but it was the longest day here. It's only been a week but it feels like an entire month!
Thursday: I had the most interesting breakfast of my life: nachos but they were really good because they were on top of overeasy eggs. The pineapple here is the best I have had in my entire life. I have also had papayas and I actually kind of like them. It was a bit of a disappointment with no Mangos but it was probably best for me. We hit the books hard, seriously all of them! We were given a stack of books that felt like they were as tall as me, just for the language. Our night teacher came in and the first thing he said is "no hablo ingles" his entire class is in spanish which is good because it teaches us to learn the language faster. We also learned how to say prayers in Spanish and ever since Thursday all my prayers have been in Spanish.
Friday: I can't say I remember too much, I'll start writing things down more haha. We learned how to bear our testimonies on Friday and had our second visit with Jaime, our investigador. We did great with the lesson but are understanding that we will get better because the language is a bit difficult.
Saturday: Just another hardworking day here at the CCM I don't remember much from Saturday either, Lo siento. Just know I'm working hard in all that I do and the spirit here is very strong. I can see the temple through the window as I walk downstairs its beautiful!
Sunday: Sundays are so relaxing here and full of the spirit. We have sacrament at 9 just like you and it is all in spanish. I passed the sacrament and that was pretty cool. We had several devotionals in the afternoon and lots of time for personal study! I will be watching general conference in 2 weeks in Ingles!! I like learning the language it is just a little overwhelming.
Monday: We were back to work studying and preparing for our lesson with Jaime. As most of us have only been here a few weeks we write a script but a hermano[who actually served in Tooele County] challenged us to go without our script. We have been the first ones to do it and it was our best yet. With the little words we knew we were able to teach with power and get our message across and extend a commitment. It was a great experience. And I am thankful for the hermano who challenged us to not use a script.
Tuesday: The first time I have been outside those gates was to walk to the temple 2 buildings down. It was great but kind of scary to see all the armed guard around everything. At the gas station on the corner there is a guard with a shotgun. Some missionaries who have been here 4 weeks say they have guns but no ammo so I'm just going to obey the law while I am here just to be safe!

That is my week and I am loving the CCM. Thank you for your support
I love you all.

Love Elder Daybell.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

He has arrived! First E-mail! :)

Hola Familia,
     I have been in Guatemala since early this morning. When we got to the CCM they allowed us to take a nap until 12, and despite the bed being uncomfortable it was probably the best nap I have ever had! My companion in the CCM is Elder Webster and he played basketball for Lone Peak. So my companion is a state champion in basketball so I have decided no basketball for me here! I love you all and will write more on my experiences on Tuesday! They only gave me a little bit of time. I know that the reason I am here is to bring people unto Christ and I am happy to hear that you have all decided to be better missionaries too!
Elder Daybell