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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23, 2015

Hey Everyone! 
    I would like to inform everyone on Guatemala weather right now. One everyone is saying that it is winter here but it is hotter than summer. They say it is winter here because it rains about everyday, the thing is the heat of the sun and heat here does not change. But after a night of raining and a sunny day the vapor of the water leaving the ground and the heat of the sun makes it even more hotter than the summer here. I have never sweat more in my life than this last week and cannot believe they call this winter, I'm gonna have to show them what a real winter is one day! 
    This week has been a week full of miracles! Every week has been a week full of miracles but we saw some amazing things in this week as the hand of the Lord directed us to some wonderful people. The first miracle took place as we were talking with our Ward mission leader. He really wants to see a lot of baptisms like us and so we talked about it and he told us that his family members that lived next door were members but they went inactive and their children are not members, we left right there with him and went and visited with them. They received us well and we were able to talk with them about eternal families. The parents got excited with the idea that they could go to the temple this year to be sealed to their children. The next day they all came to church and loved it. All they needed was 1 little visit and now they are going to keep going to church. I have seen that sometimes that is all it takes 1 little push and the Lord does the rest. 
    We have had some great investigators and a lot of the baptisms we will be having the next 2 weeks come from the reactivation of an inactive person. These are the best I believe because 1 gets to enter into this Gospel and the other recognizes again the importance of the Gospel in their loves. This week we have a baptism for an Hermanito Marcos who is 8 years old but his parents aren't members. He is a cousin of Nelson and was always there to listen to us and sometimes says the prayers. After a week of praying and thinking about it his mother finally gave permission for him to be baptized this Sunday the 28th and she is going to leave work early to be able to attend. The 5th of July we have 3 baptisms planned for 2 more kids from families that are beginning to come back to this Gospel and for 1 Young man that we found and have been visiting with other young men from the branch. It has been great to see the progress of this branch and be a huge part of it. When I got here there was an attendance of 30 to 40 each week and now we are seeing 50 to 60 everySunday. The Lord is hurrying his work along here! 
   Quick cool story: Last night there was a scorpion in our house, it was huge! We killed it and got it out and immediately sprayed the bug repellent all over the house to avoid more. Experiences in Guatemala. I took pictures but I forgot to bring the camera cord so until next week! 
    I have seen a ton of miracles in this area and have seen that the Lord is preparing people to hear this message. I have also seen this work goes faster with the help of the members! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you
Elder Daybell

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