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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 16, 2015

   Hey Everyone,
This week has been a week full of miracles that I won't be able to explain them all. We had District conference this week and we were able to have 8 investigators attending with us. It was so great because the last 3 weeks before we only had 1 investigator attend 1 Sunday our of those 3 weeks. All of our investigators that attended are awesome and have testimonies, 3 of them have committed to baptism the 28th of this month and 4 others could be baptized the 28th as well with a little help from the branch. We talked with the branch in the consejos de Rama in order to get them pumped and they have all committed to sacrifice a little so we can have a day of white for this branch the 28th. This will be good for this branch to get them excited and involved in the missionary effort. 
    we were able to see miracles through references of a recent convert who told us of a friend who was inactive in the church. So we went to visit her and invited her to church on Sunday and as we were talking to her she asked about the age of children for baptism because she wants her daughter that is 9 years old to be baptized. We had a little lesson and she got excited and her daughter as well and after church she said that they would continue going to church and that the daughter Joselyn would be baptized the 28th. She just needed a little push and now she is excited and going to continue in this church. We also found a Brother and a Sister that are living alone together because their parents died. Their parents were members but went away from the church before the children had the chance to be baptized. We were able to pick them up and go to the conference and it was cool what happened. We visited them after and the Hermano Amilkar was talking about serving a mission, the examples of all the missionaries got him excited to serve a mission which he could leave for in 2 years. He is a little nervous for baptism but still wants to do it so he can serve a mission. His sister Jesenia is going to be baptized the 28th as well. 
    We also have 4 more investigators that came to church on their own for the 2nd time and with a little help from the members of the branch we can help these souls come unto Christ through baptism the 28th as well. My companion and I have been working hard and fasting and praying a lot and after all this time we are seeing miracles. But more than anything we know that if we sacrifice a little, the Lord offers great blessings. This conference Presidente Perdido was released as Branch President and put as a counselor in the District. It was a tough change but the work goes on and I know that when he has time he is going to help us out. I have learned a lot from this guy. I love this area so much, there are so many miracles and the people here are just great. I hope you all have a great week. Alma 5:16 
Elder Daybell 

Elder Daybell and his District. 

Volcanoes from the Guatemalan Coast. 

A baptism from his area. :) 

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