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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015

Hey Everyone,
  I hope all you mothers enjoyed your special day, even though we should really give thanks to our mothers everyday. For me this day had it's ups and downs. The best part was that I got to speak with my mom and family! It was good to talk with them and the time went by so fast I couldn't believe it! I just have to wait another 7 months in order to talk with them again for a short 40 minutes! Wahoo! But it is going to go by fast I know because from Christmas to now was so fast I can't believe it! 
   This week was a little hard as there have been changes to the standards of the mission as well as changes in our area. In our mission, in every first visit we need to challenge the investigators to baptism with a date. This is a way to show our faith so that as a mission we can "Walk on water". I have enjoyed this new chance to show my faith and get rid of the fear to invite people to come into the true fold of God. 
    This Sunday was a hard day, apart from the skype call. We had the confirmation of the Hermana Norma and that was great! But we didn't have any other investigators attending although we had about 11 that told us they would attend. But we won't let that get us down, we are going to work hard this week and knock a lot of doors, or for my area we are going to yell into a lot of gates so they hear us in the houses! Sunday was also interesting because there was hardly anyone because we had a lot of people that went and did stuff for mothers day so we only had 25 people in the church. And by the last class we had to join everyone because there was only 2 ladies from Relief Society, 2 Priesthood Holders, 2 Young women and 1 primary child. And 2 elders and the President of the Branch. It was a great class that inspired the members to work more with their friends to help grow the branch and the kingdom of God here in San Juan La Noria. 
   Despite all the tough parts of this week we are putting the past behind us and working hard now so that in the future this Branch could grow even bigger! I have faith that we can do it and I have been learning a ton that by faith we really can work miracles but as faith is an action we have to do something in order to receive the miracle. That is why in our mission we are challenging every person in our lessons to baptism in the first visit and I know that in this way we are going to see many miracles. I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Daybell

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