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Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 28, 2015

   Hey Everyone!

This week has been something special and with changes tomorrow it is going to be an interesting week this week. They called me on Wednesday and told me I would be training and that I had to go to a meeting on Friday in the capital at 10 in the morning but our area is 4 hours away and because we have to have 1 hour of study with our companion we woke up at 3 in the morning and left at 5 for the capital, this was a long day, I was so tired but so pumped to train. Tomorrow I will have to do the same but I will come back with my companion who I hope is right out of the CCM. I am so excited to train! And I did not get to go to the temple of Quetzaltenango because the branch couldn't find a bus for that day so they changed it and I am sure I can't go now. But we have 5 investigators that are going to attend with the branch.
     Elder Williams and I have been working hard here and we have had many miracles in this week. This weekend we are going to have 3 baptisms of some young women that have been attending for awhile but didn't get baptized because the Grandmother hasn't let them but finally gave permission and they have been working hard to stop drinking coffee, and also of a lady who was baptized in 1999 but didn't get confirmed for more than a year after so she has to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost within a year. We also had a less active member Javier and his Wife Melany who is not a member attend church this week and they were super interested in the temple and are going to go with the branch this week. For a branch that has been slow in the past things are really speeding up and the number of people attending is getting higher and higher each week.
     I am so happy for this chance I have to be here in La Noria Tiquisate and help to build the kingdom of God in this part of the world. I have learned to work hard and love the people and that the hearts of people are changing. This branch has been here 20 years, the people in this small area have probably been contacted by the missionaries a thousand times but maybe just the 1 time they say yes and listen they feel the spirit and change. God is changing people to hear this message and with how fast I have seen some people change I know without a doubt that these are the last days and we need to thrust in our sickle as it says in D and C. I hope you all have an amazing week and work hard always!
Elder Daybell

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