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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 5, 2015

Hey Everyone,
  Today is the 5 de Mayo but the Guatemalans do not celebrate this holiday. But nonetheless it will be a good day just as this week was. We have been working hard here and this week the baptisms of Hermanas Jenifer and Ericka and Norma came to pass! They are some amazing people and have strong testimonies of this church. And the Hermana Norma doesn't have much and she had a rough past life but she is looking at Baptism as a way to start over again and be a new person.
   We have been working with one man Josue or Joshua in English who is awesome and believes everything of our message and loves the concept of the Book of Mormon because it shows Gods love for all nations but the only problem is he hasn't come to church.We have made plans to visit him with the President of the Branch today and hopefully get him excited for church this week! 
   My new companion is Elder Rojas from Costa Rica, he is a new missionary straight out of the CCM and I will be his trainer for this change and possibly the next. He is awesome and has a huge testimony. I am happy to be working with him and being a teacher outside of the teaching haha. I feel bad that I have to walk super fast but he keeps up and possibly very soon I will be the one running behind him. It's crazy how I am the trainer but I am learning so much from this guy. it's so awesome how we have the opportunity to learn and grow from every person we meet. Every person, contact and member I have met here in the mission has helped me to learn and grow. 
    I hope you all have an amazing week and enjoy mothers day all you mothers out there. But I can't lie.... I have the best mother of them all and I get to talk to her in 5 days! Wooh!
Hasta Luego,
Elder Daybell

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