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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21, 2015

Hey Everyone,
   This week has been crazy and full of miracles. But there isn't a lot of time so I will try to write and explain fast. This past week a lot of time was spent looking for some new people and new miracles to happen in this little branch. We had a ton of new people that we talked with and were all excited for the church and then Sunday came and several left on emergencies and others just didn't come to church. But there were 2 girls Jenifer and Erika that we have been working with for a long time and they came to church again. We made plans with President Perdido to go and visit them and talk with the Grandma (She is the reason they haven't been baptized because she hasn't given permission).
   After a long lesson and talking the plan has been made for the 3rd of May for the baptism of these girls. The only thing they have to do is stop drinking coffee. We gave them Morcaff which is a coffee of cereals and was made by a member here in Guatemala. It's like Coffee but it isn't! So that was a big miracle for us and as well this week we have a baptism of a lady that was baptized 23 years ago but she wasn't confirmed until more than a year after her baptism so with these numbers she has to be baptized again. I feel bad for her with the confusion but everything is going to be sorted out in these weeks to come! 
   In other news for this week the Branch is going to the temple in Quetzaltenango and as there aren't many priesthood holders going it looks like Elder Williams and I are going to have the chance in a lifetime for this mission to visit the other temple of Guatemala this Saturday. Presidente Markham has talked with our President of the Rama and has given an ok but we are going to make sure so that we don't just go without permission. I am excited and will let you all know how it goes! I love you and hope you have a great week,
Elder Daybell

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