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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015

Buenas Tardes Everyone!
    All is well here in the city of Villa Canales, Guatemala! We have seen some great miracles and had some great experiences. Right now we have 2 other young men working with us because the Stake is having an activity where 2 young men go to every mission companionship and get to be Mini Missionaries for the week. So during the day we go on splits which I am nervous for because I still have 2 weeks of training but it's good practice to be a leader I guess. In Other news my companion is leaving in 9 days and his emotions are everywhere. 1 minute he doesn't want to go, the next he is telling me all the things he is going to do when he gets home! I am excited for him and the role model he has been to me and I think in every prayer we have in the house we pray for his future spouse. haha
    Even though it is his last week the fruits of our labors are showing, the miracles I told you about last week are coming through and we have 5 baptisms this Sunday as of right now. The family we are teaching are going to be baptized and everyone in that family will be a member. And after we are going to work hard and I hope with all my heart in 1 year I will get to go with them to watch as they get sealed for all of eternity! Also Hermana Estela is doing everything to be baptized and knows this is the true church. She told us that people have been talking to her about how she should attend the other churches but she told them No. I know the church I go to is the true church so I am only going to attend the church of the Mormonas. We have great investigators and I am so excited for this Sunday to watch this miracle take place! 
     I hope that you have all had a great start to a new year and are working hard to fulfill your goals! I love you all and miss you but I know that right now I am supposed to be here in Villa Canales and whatever happens in 9 days when my companion leaves is what the Lord wants for me. A donde me mandes ire, Senor.
Feliz Ano nuevo!
Elder Daybell

Alejandro's Baptism on December 21

P-day with some members at Lake Amatitlan

Elder Daybell and Elder Garcia With their "mini missionaries" 

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