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Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 27, 2015

Well January went by awfully quick. We have got to work here and have a good 7 investigators progressing with a baptism this week and a good 3 to 4 set for the next week! But we have cambios the next week and I think one of us is to go... But we won't know until the next week or this Wednesday Possibly. But we have seen miracles and like they say the key to missionary work is work. 
    Yesterday we finished our P day 2 hours early to visit with an investigator that did not have any other time during the day to meet, but this was important because they can be baptized this week. We went to the appointment and in the beginning she told us she liked the church but she wouldn't be baptized because she had been baptized before. We then finished what we taught and added the power of the priesthood and how we need to be baptized by the right authority. I then challenged her to baptism and she didn't really say anything for awhile and just avoided it. So we asked her to say the prayer and right after the prayer she said Everything is ok for Sunday, Meaning that she was ok to be baptized on Sunday. I was a little reluctant to give up my P day but now everything is all worth it because we are going to have a baptism and help another soul come unto Christ. This investigator is Hermana Winnyfer and she is 15 years old and living with a member family.
     We also met another family through an investigator. Before I have talked about Hermana Flor and she is awesome but she is not baptized yet she always attends church and believes everything. But because of issues with her family she has not been able to be baptized, but she has invited many of her friends to the church and right now we are visiting with 2 of her friends and their children. They are awesome and I feel so blessed to be here in this area with amazing people to help in the service. They have attended church the past 2 weeks and love it and they just need to keep following the commandments to be baptized the following Sunday. It's amazing the miracles we can see in our lives if we just put forth a little work and do our best in all thing by being obedient with exactness!
I love you all and hope you have an amazing week. I know that this church is true and the power of the priesthood is the power of God on the Earth!

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