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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015

   Well it's been a while but... I only have 1 more week of training! I am so excited for only 3 hours of studies every morning instead of 4! In other news my companion leaves in 2 days and I will receive a new companion that day, the Zone Leaders know who it is but they won't tell me. All they said is that he is a Gringo. My companion was so happy to go home last week but now he is having a hard time, he is a little sad that he won't be a missionary anymore but he finished out his time with 5 baptisms on Sunday! 
     This week we had great success but all the glory of course goes to Our Heavenly Father! We baptized Fam. Monteroso and Hermana Estela and I am happy because in 1 year I could have the opportunity to enter the temple with Fam. Monteroso as they get sealed for eternity! We just baptized the mother and children because the father and older son were already members but now the family are all members! The President of the Mission was also at the baptism and it was cool that he was able to attend and talk to our investigators. I had the privelege of baptizing Hno Royer and Hna Monica Monteroso (The Son and the Mother) And I also baptized hna Estela and after 3 attempts all was well! 
     This week we also worked with our mini missionaries Hno Alvarado and Hno Moran. Their enthusiasm helped us have more energy to keep working hard and it was a great experience for them! Now that we have had great success we must continue to work hard. For 1 to keep our conversos in the straight and narrow path and also to find those that are waiting to hear this message. We certainly have been blessed to have seen so many miracles in these past few weeks and I can only thank Heavenly Father and continue to work hard to see more miracles! I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! Love Elder Daybell

Max and his "mini missionaries" and the Sister missionaries in his area

Elder Daybell and his companion's baptism on Sunday 

Max in Antigua, Guatemala. 

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