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Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 20, 2015

Hey Everyone,
    It was a crazy week with emergency changes all over the place here, I think I am in a new zone with all the changes we have had. One of these changes was with my companion Elder Garcia as he returned to Salvador after 2 years of valiant service. One day that will be me but for now I am working hard. My new companion Elder Mendez is from Honduras and has 11 months in the mission. It is his first time as Senor companion and District leader. He is awesome and has a love for this work and I have learned a ton of Spanish from him. Right now we are working hard on the rolling of the rrr's because I still can't do it but I will! 
     A lot of the week was spent with Elder Garcia saying goodbye to families but when Elder Mendez got here we hit the calle running. There is one colony in our area called vrizas that I had never been to before but on Sunday we were talking about where we could go and we thought of vrizas and went. It was totally the spirit because outside the colonies there are armed guards and if you want to get in you have to have an address and name. Which we did not have. Nevertheless, We got in with the name of a family in the ward and we went to their street. I saw another member and thought I should go talk to him. So we went and talked with him and his wife and then they introduced us to our miracle for the week. A young man and his family who had read the restoration pamphlet, most of the Book of Mormon and knew how to pray perfectly! They want to be baptized and it was so amazing how we didn't do much but go and now we have found a family 100 percent ready for baptism in these next few weeks! The spirit works in us and it works in different ways. It could just be a thought that comes to mind or a whispering but it's there.
     I hope that you all have an amazing week and that you listen to the impressions of the Spirit in your lives! I love you all and hope you have a good week.
Your Guatemalteco
Elder Daybell

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