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Sunday, January 4, 2015

December 31, 2014

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year!
    This week has been so amazing, we have had so many miracles and I have had so many amazing experiences this week it has been crazy! I have had so many tamales and there have been so many fireworks it's insane! But it has been fun to join in the traditions of Navidad here. I also loved being able to talk to my family. We started this week with no investigators for baptism and no idea what we were going to do to find more people. But we had faith we would find someone and we prayed like Enos in the Book of Mormon but it wasn't for a whole day, it was just powerful! 
    It's hard to find where to start but we were walking one day up the linea in our area, because we didn't want to pay to take a bus this day and we passed a lady who was standing in the opening of her door. My companion turned right around and contacted her. We found out later that she was from Salvador and when she lived there had received missionary lessons and attended the church, but she didn't know where it was at here so she didn't go. We taught her a lesson right there and had the prompting to challenge her to baptism. She accepted for the 11th of this month and we went early to pick her up and there she was already for church! Her name is hma Estela and she is bien pilas and we are going to visit her today for a followup on everything! 
    Also in the church was the mother of one of the members. The son Hmo Herber works with us sometimes and has a dream of going on a mission. He is 16 years old and no one in his family is a member and he trys to speak English with me so it's good that he is learning to be a missionary now! His mom attended church and actually talked with us. We would always try to have lessons with her but she always left the house or rejected us. She didn't want anything, but something changed. She got married and began to realize the importance of being with her family forever. We had a lesson with her and her family yesterday and the spirit was so strong! They all commited to baptism and Hmo Herber was so happy. I can't tell you how long this young man has been waiting for his family to join the church and be an eternal family! It was so special and I hope the Savior continues to work miracles in their lives to bring them into this church. 
    I have learned that miracles happen every week as long as we work hard. Miracles happen more if we put forth the effort to make them happen. This year has been an example to me of that and I look forward to seeing more miracles in weeks to come! I hope you all have a wonderful new year and enjoy yourselves! Love,
Elder Daybell
Elder Daybell and his Zone at the Guatemala City Temple.

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