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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

March 31, 2015

Hey Everyone,
   This has been a tough adventure getting to know a new area but we have been doing some work here. The president of the branch and the branch have been helping to raise one money for a family of our investigators to get married the 11th of November and this family plans to get baptized the day after. It has been cool to see their change just because 1 member shared a verse from the Book of Mormon and the father felt the spirit and came back to the church after years of inactivity and invited his family and they in turn have felt the spirit. This is the power of the Book of Mormon. I am glad we have the rule here to walk with this Book of Power in our hands. 
    Yesterday for Pday we helped Branch President with a service in order to prepare an activity for the primary that we have some investigators attending. We helped chop palm leaves and put them on top of like an outdoor hut or something like that. I forget the word in english for the things that give shade. Oh and something funny that I wanted to share is the name of the Branch President is Presidente Perdido. His last name is Perdido which means lost in English. To me it's funny with the form of Spanish because sometimes in Spanish they put the describing words after the noun so sometimes the people think we are talking about some Lost President of the branch and then we need to explain his name to everyone. 
   This week we are going to be working hard as usual and I am so excited for general conference this week in order to be able to learn to the prophets. We learn great things from the prophets and need to follow what they say. One thing we are doing here from the devotional we had from Elder Neil L. Andersen is he told us that we should memorize 10 scriptures from the Book of Mormon as well as 10 from the Bible. It's a little difficult but slowly I am adding to my list and I know these scriptures in Spanish so after the mission I'll have to memorize them again in English! I hope you all enjoy conference and listen and feel of the Spirit. I am so excited I can't even explain it. I hope you all have an amazing week! 
Elder Daybell

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