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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 7, 2015

Hey Everyone,
   This Easter Weekend was a great start to this month with the General Conference. I wish I could share everything that I learned but I was only able to watch 1 session in English because the internet was dumb after the 1st session. I watched in Spanish but it just isn't the same I feel. But I loved the powerful way that President Eyring began the conference speaking about the law of the fast that we need to observe and the story he told about the blue shirt with yellow stripes and the blanket. As he talked a lot about the poor I thought a lot about the people in the area that I am at. Never in my life have I seen as many naked children because the parents are washing the little or only clothing that they have for them. I know all I can do right now is help these people with the word of God but I have gained a testimony through this area and the words of President Eyring on the tithing and how these funds truly help feed the hungry and clothe the naked. 
     As for the work here it is going absolutely great! This Saturday we have the wedding of our investigators the Family Reinoso and the next day Sunday the baptism of them! I am so excited for this weekend this family is so awesome. The names of the family is the father Nicho and the mother Maria and the kids, Angel, Oscar, Lesli, Nicho, Angie, and valerie. Of the family that will be baptized this week is Hermana Maria and Lesli and the sons Angel and Oscar. And Already the family is making plans to attend the temple in 1 year from this month. 
     Now as a lot of you know I am in a small area where the work is a little slow and I am definitely learning some patience here that is for sure. But I want to share what I have learned from James 1:22 in this week. You should all read it. But it says that we should be doers and not just hearers. So everything that we have heard from the conference we need to apply to our lives to better ourselves spiritually and otherwise we are just hearers. As well as it says in Juan10:27 the lambs follow Christ so first we need to hear the words of Christ and do what they say. I hope you can all be doers in this week and do what the Lord would have you do and I am going to do the same. As the work is slow here as I have heard I am going to put forth the effort to be a doer to change that slow progress to where the Lord wants it to be. I love you and hope you all have an amazing week! 
Elder Daybell

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