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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 24, 2015

   Well I got to know my area after 2 days of knowing where I was going but not going and it is absolutely beautiful to say the least. We left the city of Tiquisate and headed out by orchards of Palm trees where they harvest oil. And in the middle of 2 orchards and a river is the town of La Noria. It is a super small town and we have already contacted every house but we will continue working hard here. We have a small little building in this area and it is pretty awesome. I also love that there are a million Mango trees and coconut trees, I just pick the mangoes and eat them there are we are working! I also got to drink some coconut milk and eat coconut here, it was awesome. Some other cool things about this area is everyone knows everyone but not by their real name, everyone has a nickname so if we ask them where a person lives using their real name they don't know who it is, but if we use their nickname...Everyone knows who we are talking about. 
     The branch is awesome here and the members have quite the testimony. We also have some great investigators here that we are working with. We had a family attend church where the father is a member less active and his family aren't members but they are planning on continuing to attend church. The father wants us to work with his family to so that they can all be members too. It's pretty crazy how even with how small this area is there are still miracles happening and we will continue to see miracles happening here until Christ comes. I have loved getting to know the people and members here, it has been a new experience that is certain but I love this area already, it is so beautiful. And a little hot, at the end of the day everyone is outside on their porches sitting in hammocks and just hanging out. 
     The biggest goal we have here is to reactivate a lot of members because we have a solid 30 to 40 attending every week but there are about 100 more that are less active members. I am super excited to work here and help the kindgom of God grow in this area, even if it just means helping people find their testimonies again! I love this area it really is a little piece of heave, it is so beautiful here. A little far away but that doesn't matter. I hope you all have an amazing week!
Elder Daybell

Elder Daybell in front of the Church building. 

Zone leaders and Elder Daybell and his companion. 

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