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Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 3, 2015

    March has begun here in Guatemala and it is HOT! The weather heats up here for April and March according to the people and them in May begins the time of neverending rain for like 4 or 5 months! It's hot but we are still working hard and walking fast. My companion has destroyed his 4th pair of shoes on the mission and needs to buy some more tomorrow during Pday. 
    I hope that all has been going well for everyone and I want you to know I love the mission! We have been working with the Grandson of my convert Hermana Estela and on Sunday before church, we saw they hadn't come when they were always there early. So we gave them a call about 10 minutes before church started and Hna Estela said she was sick and couldn't make it. So we tried to find help in the ward from someone to go pick up Gustavo but we couldn't find anyone. We called Hna Estela again and she told us she got up and was getting ready and wouldn't let the Satan the Enemy stop her from going to church with Gustavo so he could be baptized. Her Faith was incredible and because she was able to overcome this trial her grandson will be baptized this Sunday! Hna Estela also attended the next classes after sacrament meeting and was basically free of her sickness as soon as she got to the church. It was amazing to see this miracle and she asked me after church "Hermano (They hardly ever call us Elders here just because it's weird to them) this was of the enemy right?" And I told her yes but her faith was stronger than him.
   And it's true our faith is stronger than Satan the enemy and we must always remember that! There are evil forces in this world but the forces of Good are better. I am not very good at remembering scriptures but there is a scripture in Corinthians or Romans that says we should overcome evil with good. Let your good acts this week overcome the evil that we see in the world!
I hope you have a wonderful week and can feel the spirit all around you all. 
Elder Daybell

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