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Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 10, 2015

  Hey everyone! 
    This week was a little tough but you always have those weeks in the mission I guess. There were still a lot of good things don't get me wrong, it was jus a bit stressful but all is well. And I have some news. My companion got a call and he will be training someone right out of the CCM which means he stays and... I go. So in one week I will find out my new area and be serving there. And then on Wednesday of the next week our mission has a meeting with Elder Neil L. Andersen in the afternoon. So I will not be writing until Thursday of the next week (Mom that's for you... Don't call President) ;)
     The sad part of this week was that on Sunday we were going to have a baptism but then our investigator Gustavo went to spend the weekend with his Grandpa in the hospital. But this is definitely going to happen this week! He still wants to get baptized and believes the church is true, so my last Sunday here will be awesome because I will get to see him be baptized. But we had some great miracles this Sunday when we had our investigator Hno Kevin attend and he feels that God doesn't answer him and the topic of the class this week was prayer. So we hope that he took what we learned about prayer and applied it to better his prayers with God. I know I did. The prayer is very important and I honestly don't know what I would do without it, I have learned to seriously pray in every moment. 
     This week as well my friend and convert Hno Royer received the Aaronic Priesthood for the office of a teacher. He was really nervous but after his interview with the Bishop he seemed so excited and when we visited that night he was telling us how ready he was to help with the duties of the Sacrament. He is going to be a great missionary someday and he has a great older brother to be the example of that! 
   For Pday I played basketball finally! Wahoo, after 5 months I got to play some hoops and I really need to practice. I may spend days after my mission at the courts working on my shot again. But it was still fun and the P day before we went to the zoo here and it was really cool.
   I hope you all have an amazing week and know I love you. This week may have been rough but that happens in this life. But as Presidente taught us today in our zone training days will be tough, we will suffer. In the Book of Mormon we read many times that the Lord will not take away the battle, but if we endure it he will ease our load and helps us fight the battle with ease!
Elder Daybell 
I didn't waste time at the zoo either, I contacted this Gorilla but he wasn't quite ready. Didn't pay attention or answer my questions... He just looked mad. 

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