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Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 24, 2015

    Really the last week of February already? I blinked my eyes and that month flew by. But we had a lot of success in that month and I have learned a ton. I am loving the work and could not be more happier with everything that is happening here in Villa Canales. I am working hard with the language too, for my language study in order to change my accent so people can understand me better I read out loud with a pen in my mouth to keep my tongue up. It feels weird but I guess it works! 
     We have had a lot of success in this area this week. I always feel like we have success I guess. This week our Hermanito Gustavo attended church with his grandma and he really liked it! He is so smart for a 9 year old it's insane! He is really quiet but listens and learns well. He's going to be a missionary some day I just know it. We also had a family that we have been teaching attend church and they loved it. The husband wants to be baptized and we are just working with the wife now to have the same desires. She payed a lot of attention in church and looked like she learned a lot and is going to apply the things she learned to her life. We are going to visit with them this next Sunday because they are always busy but they are also going to attend church. Families are forever people! 
     Yesterday we had splits with the traveling assistants and even though they are crazy, I learned a ton. We have learned from them to be diligent in all things to share our love for them and always use the Book of Mormon. We have a new rule here in this mission that we must always have a Book of Mormon in our hand as we are outside the house working. And if there is one thing I have learned it is to be obedient with exactness to see miracles so I have my Book of Mormon here to have with me always. (For my family it's the Libro de Mormon I got last Christmas before I even had my call) And also to show our love for everyone we seriously say in every contact and every lesson now, We Love you. Some people may think we are weirdos but at least they know we love them just as Christ loves us! I hope you all know: I Love You! Have an amazing week full of the Spirit.
Elder Daybell 

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