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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January 26, 2016

Hey Everyone! 

This week was aweome! The best part about it was that we baptized Hermana Rebekah and Hermano Daniel! It is awesome how much they changed and how excited they are to be in the gospel now. Their faces may not show it too much in the picture, I feel like that is something I need to include in my teaching is how to smile! Haha Many of the people here just put on this super serious face when they take pictures so it makes it look like we obligate them all to be baptized or something! 

Other than that this week has been full of working with all the investigators we got to church. We had 6 of them attend again this week. We are also preparing 1 kid for baptism this week, Carlos Cano. His mom was inactive for 4 years but has been working towards coming back and now has 3 Sundays that she has attended! We also have another 2 people that we are helping that could be baptized this week or the next. I have certainly found more joy in standing in the baptismal font and helping a child of God enter in the path than in anything else I have ever done in my life. I know this is the true gospel. 

This last week we also had the missionary conference that helped us take a look on all that we are doing and focus more on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. All this just made me think of the scripture in Doctrine and Convenants 18:10-16. I truly know that we have joy in helping a soul come back to Christ. They already accepted him in the spirit world, we just help them to do it again through the restored Gospel. I love you all and hope that you have a great week! Love, 
Elder Daybell

Oh and.... Go Broncos!!!!! ;) 

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