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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January 12, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week has been an amazing week! We have been working hard and seeing many miracles and we have also been able to see many miracles in our zone last week. One awesome miracle we had here in the zone is that last week we talked about faith and showed the missionaries examples of how they could show more faith and help more people come unto Christ. The first Sunday of the month in the zone there was a total of 31 investigators that attended church, and then the week after talking about faith with the missionaries and believing they could help others we had a total of 61 Investigators attending in the stake. It was a huge miracle and we know that the missionaries took that to heart and worked with the spirit in order to have all those people go to church. We have also had 3 baptisms of families here in these last 2 weeks. It is so cool to be able to show this faith and see all that is coming to pass because of everyone who believes. Mark 9:23

We have also been working hard with our investigator Hermana Rebekah. We talked with her on Saturday and with her sons. They were all super excited for church, except for her older son Lester, he's a little rebellious. Hermana Rebekah and her sone Daniel went to church and loved it. They know so many members and feel so welcome there. We also went Sunday night and took a member that we weren't sure they knew. But when we entered they began talking and it turns out they are great friends. We are so excited for the progress of her and her son's. They are scheduled to be baptized the 24th of this month! Last night we took them a coffee that is made of cereals called Morcaff and this is ok to drink, It's not really coffee. She accepted it and handed us over her real coffee and we went and chucked it, that was a lot of faith on her part! Really awesome the things that are happening there. 

Well I hope that everyone has a great week! Love you all, 
Elder Daybell

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