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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016

Hey everyone, 

I hope you all had a great week. We have been working hard and having some great experiences down here. This will be my last week here with Elder Larsen as I will be staying here and he will be going to the area of Logan, Utah in order to start on the thing called life. I hope it goes well for him, he has been a great companion and I will certainly miss him. He's got a good life ahead of him. But we have 1 week left and lots of possibilities for baptism this week so we have to give it our all. We are going to do our best and I am almost positive that next week you should have a picture of another baptism we had. At least that is my hope.  

But we have been working super hard and this week we had a baptism! Jeremy got baptized! His mom was a less active but is now in the process of going to church. Jeremy never misses church and is always super pumped to go and he now knows where all of his classes are! He even thinks about being Elder Ramirez one day so he has got a good attitude about everything. 

Our other convert Santiago was able to be confirmed and has already passed through his interview for the priesthood and will receive that next week! He is reading the Book of Mormon and making lots of progress. Our other convert Hermana Rebekah should be getting a calling here soon, we have already talked to the Bishop. She has now finished 1 Nephi and understands a ton. It is awesome to watch all these converts progress and be able to get to the point where they can now help to build the kingdom. 

Today we had the chance to talk to the zone and we taught a lot about how the little things make the big difference in what we do as missionaries. I know that we need to be obedient with exactness. We talked a lot about fixing up on the little things so that we can keep doing awesome as a zone because last month as a zone we had 23 baptisms and it was a huge miracle. We are going to do the same this month as well and little by little the stake of Villa Hermosa will grow and just like that is how the church progresses. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Love, 
Elder Daybell

Superbowl win celebration on Sunday night just before bed with my lucky tie. I wore that tie every Sunday that the Broncos played, if you don't believe me look at all the baptism pictures! haha I know the camo shorts are pretty sick. haha MegaPaca! 

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