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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 10, 2015

Hey everyone I just wanted you to all know. LES AMO!
I hope you have a great Valentines day and serve someone or let someone know that you love them. I have learned to have love for everyone here in the mission. Even to the man that says mean words to us on his porch we always say: Just know that we love you and you're invited to church. Love is important in the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and only through his love we are able to receive eternal life. 
    We have been working hard, as always, and this week we have a baptism! A girl of 9 years of age that we have been teaching will be baptized this week. Her mom isn't active and her dad doesn't want to be a member but they are amazing people and we are hoping Hermana Victoria can be an example to her family with her baptism. It has been a new experience to teach a little girl of this age because we had to change everything in our teaching strategy so that she understands! But she is bien pilas! 
    Today we had zone training and learned that there are 4 levels of a disciple of Christ and we read in John 21 that the highest level is to be a friend to Christ. And we can be a friend to Christ and God when we are friends to everyone and have love for everyone. We also become friends of Christ when we put aside something we value to spend more time serving him. So this week I would like you all to reach out to someone that perhaps you wouldn't reach out to or forgive someone of something because to be a true disciple of Christ we need to be friends with everyone! I wish you all a great week and like I said before I love you all!
Elder Daybell

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