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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014

Hey everyone I just wanted to send you an update finally after 2 weeks! And my first area is (drumroll please) El Frutal! It's a little outside the city and a poorer area. Many of the houses are just yards with 1 small room made of tin for sleeping or cooking sometimes even. I am serving in the Villa Canales 1 ward here. The people are great and this place is awesome but it is definitely not america.
My trainer is Elder Garcia, he is from El Salvador and doesnt know much ingles. So today at our zone conference was the first time I talked to someone in english in an entire week! It's hard but I am learning much faster now that is for sure. I am also learning the culture and it is so awesome. The best tortillas are found in guatemala that is all I can say! I have never had a better tortilla. I have also tried 3 fruits I have never heard of in my life and could not repeat them to you but they are delicious, so no complaints about the food from me.
They use the word pilas here a lot and its a compliment if someone calls you it, but the exact translation is battery. Kind of cool, I have also learned a new snapping kind of thing where you hold your thumb and middle finger together and whack your pointer finger against them, everyone does that here when something good is said or happens.
This week has been awesome learning and the spirit has been so strong in all of our lessons. I don't say much but I do have some parts and I can't understand much yet either but I am learning little by little. The people here are so kind, everyone will listen to us its just hard getting them to do the things we ask or have a follow up visit.
 One thing I forgot to mention is the buses, They are the coolest things in the world because they aren't dull like buses in America. Sorry America. And everyday we do at least 2 bus contacts, you know where you stand at the front of the bus watch everyones eyes get big and then pretty much yell "Somos representantes de Jesucristo y testificamos que El vive" and then bear our testimony, It was nerve wracking at first but now it is my favorite!
One day we were teaching and it was raining so hard and I didn't have a long sleeved sweater. One of the less active members we were teaching then left and came back with a long sleeved sweater. We serve in a more poor area and so these people don't have much but this man was so kind to go and buy me a sweater it touched my heart and I owe these next two years to these people. I have felt the spirit in all of our lessons and although I can't understand much I am able to teach with the spirit and it helps direct me to know what to say. This writing time will probably be the last time I use English for a week but that is ok because I am learning faster.
The Lord certainly is helping me to find his sheep and bring them unto his fold again. I love you all things are great here! Mi y mi compaƱero somos representantes de Jesucristo y testificamos que El vive y Ha llamado profetas en la tierra ultro vez nos guian a saber como vivir con nuestro familias para siempre. 
Love Elder Daybell

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