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Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 25, 2014

Hey everyone! 
    This week marks about 1 month in the field for me and it has been a pretty great week! We had splits 3 times this week and I learned a lot. 1. Guatemala is basically lawless when it comes to travel. We were on a bus during splits going to an interview. I was with the zone leader and one man climbed on TOP of the bus, while it was going. I also rode on a van, yes on and not in, we just stood in the door holding inside but our bodies were outside, it was quite the experience. The Zone Leader said you lose all fear of death here in Guatemala haha. I am being safe though don't worry mother!
     I am pretty sure that you all have thanksgiving this week but we are preparing for Christmas here! But it doesn't feel right because it is so HOT! There are Santa Clause Blow ups at the stores and Christmas trees in houses and in the street. They celebrate Christmas here with fireworks and we get permision on Christmas eve to be with members until 12 at night watching the fireworks and eating tamales. I am pretty excited, my companion loves Christmas here. And he has extended for 1 more month to be here another Christmas! 
     With all the exchanges I have had the chance to learn more and grow more in how to be a missionary. I have also learned more Spanish which I will always need and how to bring the spirit more. We had a baptism this week! I don't have pictures only my companion and we aren't in them. But it was awesome and the spirit was strong. She is bien pilas! Hmna Flor has sadly had even more struggles that she didn't commit to baptism this week. We are teaching her tonight and I just want everything in her life to go well again and have her find the happiness that the gospel brought into her life 2 weeks ago!
     Yesterday we taught a family that attended church 2 weeks ago. We just taught the restoration but after the Father said something like: We have had preachers come and teach us but they always left and we were still confused but this all makes sense. They are bien pilas too! They have a desire to follow the right path they said and I can just see that the Lord has prepared us to teach them right now! This gospel is wonderful!

 Elder Daybell and his Companion Elder Garcia

Traditional Day of the Dead Dish
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A Lake and a Volcano in Max's Area

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