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Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 18, 2014

Hey everyone!
    I hit 2 months on the mission yesterday! pretty crazy right! It's been a week of ups and downs for sure and I have seen the influence of Satan trying to stop our investigators from progressing! One of our investigators that is preparng for baptism this week was in the hospital for a few days and her son is being pretty rebellious. She has broken down crying in about all of our lessons but she still wants to be baptized. She is a bien pila as we say here! Our other investigator that is preparing for baptism this week her parents are against her decision and won't welcome her in their home for this decision but she said she knows it's right and desires to be baptized still. Take that Satan!
    Yesterday we went on splits with the traveling assistants to the president! That helped me a lot to have more excitement. Before for contacts I would just say we are missionaries and want to share a message, it was kind of boring. This elder that I went with taught me it's ok to be kind of weird and it makes people laugh and more interested in what you have to say. So I opened up I was waving my arms around saying hello to everyone and I even used my donald duck voice in spanish to some kids because I could hear they were watching a disney show with Donald duck. Yesterday was a blessing, I learned a lot and have built my excitement for this mission too. 
     Even though we have had our struggles the Lord continues to bless us and helps us to do this work. We have a mission goal of baptizing 400 people this month in our entire mission, to do this we have to have 4 baptisms as a companionship and we were only going to have the 2 this week. But this Sunday a family of 4 showed up to church and they have a member friend! They loved everything about the church and we are going to start teaching them and they have a desire to be baptized on the 30th! This is a month of miracles! The Lord truly does help us when we put forth our effort. The church is true brothers and sisters! I love you all!
Hasta luego
Elder Daybell

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