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Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 5, 2016

Hey Everyone, 

Last week was a good week. We keep on working hard and finding lots of people that can progress. Yesterday we contacted a lady who lives right behind the church, like the church is in her backyard and she had never gone! So we plan to work with her and her family. We keep working with the members to find investigators and for the most part we are finding success. We had our leaders council last week and it was probably my last one. It was a good one and today I feel that we gave a pretty inspiring zone training ( Also a really good chance that it was my last one)

Yesterday for Pday we went to a musuem in Pana that talks about the lake and also had a section about a city that is in the lake that existed a long time ago. That brought my thoughts to The Book of Mormon and when Christ died. As we went through all the pictures of this underwater city the lady who was taking us through came up and said " In your book it talks about this city right? That's what I've heard" We were able to explain to her a little and invite her to read the book of Mormon. But it was super cool seeing those pictures. If it was one of the cities destroyed in the book of Mormon, as they say in Spanish " solo Dios sabe" Only God knows. 

As for a funny story, today we had a zone training. And we thought we would be nice and invite all the missionaries to cake. So I sent my companion to buy a cake with another missionary while I prepared the Workshop. I told him to buy a cake with fruit on it. He came back with a "chocolate cake" that costed less. He didn't want to spend a lot. So we all began to eat but this chocolate tasted funny. Then I spoke up," I think this is coffee" We all smelled it and yep... coffee cake. We stopped eating and said a prayer to repent. After I called the mission Presidente to repent for the zone. He just laughed and told us to be more careful next time and to go with the cake with fruit on it next time! 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all
Elder Daybell 

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