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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 19, 2016

Hey everyone, 

This week was full of miracles so I am going to try and describe 3 of my favorite miracles really quick. 

On Divisions with a missionary in Pana we were knocking doors in a labrinth like area because all of the appointments fell. As we were knocking we did not have very much success. But as Elder Mendez knocked one door I saw an old lady in Guatemala traditional clothing hanging up clothes to dry. I thought to myself, I'm going to go talk to this lady. I walked towards her and began to talk to her, she was hard of hearing but we were able to begin a lesson with her. She spoke more Quiche than Spanish but we were able to find out that she was a member and was baptized 2 years ago in the capital and then had moved and because of the move had stopped going to church. We were able to share a scripture and invite her and explain to her where the church was and on Sunday she went to church!! I know that thought to talk to her was the spirit guiding. 

This week we are going to have a baptism of a girl named Eva Yoxon. Elder Kendall and I received the reference of this lady and well, her boyfriend is a member and she has been attending recently and loves the church. She has made the decision to be baptized this Sunday! So this Sunday we will have a baptism. 

We also found another guy named Jose Alfredo Chuj as a reference from our branch mission leader. We went and he was super positive, he began reading the book of Mormon right away and knew it was true before he even went to church on Sunday. On Sunday morning we were waiting outside for him and he didn't come for a long time, he called us telling us he was sick but we were able to convince him to come for at least 1 hour. He came! after a lot of prayers and many minutes he showed up and had a great time in church. He is set for baptism on the 31st of July

Yesterday for Pday we went as a zone to the waterfall. As soon as I get the pictures I will send them but they have still not gotten to me! There are miracles happening and I can't wait to report more next week but until then I hope you all have a great week! Love you, 

Elder Daybell

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