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Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 5, 2016

Hey everyone, that means "how are you?" in qatchikel. Haha I hope that you are all well and just loving life. All is going well here with Elder Vega and I in the zone Solola. I found out that there is an area in our zone and to get to the area of these missionaries it is a 3 hour trip to get there. Pretty crazy right. Lots of traveling here we come. 

Well this has been really new getting used to this area. It is something else but we are working hard and have lots of people progressing. Our most positive investigator right now does not speak Spanish his name is Roman Valiente. We have a member who is helping us to translate but we are also learning a little bit of the language to be able to teach lessons to some of these people that don't speak Spanish. 

As for the conference it was super awesome and inspirational as always. I was able to receive revelation for myself, our investigators, converts and zone during this conference. It was a very special one and it was super cool that they sang one of my favorite hymns come thou fount. 

The work keeps on going and we keep on working. I don't have too much to say right now about the area but we are going to have lots of miracles this week and lots of future success I just know it. 

Elder Daybell

In central park at Solola

The book of Mormon in English, Spanish and Qatchikel

Our view of the lake from the house. It is so pretty at night for all the stars that are in the sky and the lights of all the little towns around the lake. 

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