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Saturday, April 9, 2016

March 30, 2016

Cojol Ya Solola. Yeah That's not spanish and there are some people here that don't speak spanish, they speak something called qachikel or it's spelled something like that. But for the most part they speak spanish as well, I've only learned a few words in this language. It should be a fun area and a good way to just work hard and lose myself right now. This zone has had struggles in the past but we hope to get it going again. I went from the highest baptizing zone to the zone that baptizes the least, but it won't be known as that for long or so I hope and pray. We are going to find the chosen people here in Solola. We are right up next to the lake Atitlan. 

As for Prados we met our goal of baptizing every week in the last change, 6 weeks straight  and 9 baptisms with Elder Gallacher and there are still people for the future there. That area should keep progressing as well. The people we baptized was a man from Escuintla who left his girlfriend so that he could be baptized as she works out the divorce, the wife is a member as well and she was all good with that because she wants to go to the temple again, so until they can get married they will live apart. That is a lot of Faith! It was a great way to end the change with these 2 miracle baptisms. I am so pumped to be working here in Solola as well. 

My companion is Elder Vega from Ogden, Utah. He is awesome and is also full of excitement to work hard in this change. We are hoping to see lots of miracles and know that they will come as we work hard. I am still getting used to the new area, it is a lot different from Prados. But it will be a fun adventure, I will send some pictures of this area next week, right now I have not taken any. Love you all, 
Elder Daybell

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