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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 8, 2015

This week has been a little crazy. We got up nice and early (3 A.M.) on my birthday to go to the changes and it was quite the day! I got a package that made my day better so that was good! As for saying goodbye to everyone in La Noria that was hard but I got an email from my good friend President Perdido so at least I can still keep up with all that is going on there. My new area is called Linda Vista, or beautiful sight in english. It is really cool because it is on the highest hill in the city of Guatemala and you can see just about the whole city! It is a ward so it is huge compared to my last area. I am still getting used to it and for me it is pretty chilly in the capital! 

We have had some great experiences though, me and my new companion, Elder Casillas from Mexico. He told me when I got there that we changed areas with the Sisters in our district for problems that they had had and well it is like we are opening an area because we both have never been there before. It has been a great challenge and we have actually found some great investigators and if we work really hard we could have 2 baptisms this week. It will take faith to see these miracles but I know we can do it. We have been working a lot with the members here. a lot of the young men are willing to visit with us and the Bishop and our Ward Mission Leader help us so much that from the first day I have been excited to be here, it's different but I am so excited to see what miracles we can see here. 

I don't have a ton to say because well, I am still getting used to everything and little by little I will be able to tell you all more about what is happening here! I love you all! Sorry there are no pictures, my camera is at the house. Whoops! 

Elder Daybell

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