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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 15, 2015

Happy Independence Day everyone! For those of you who did not know today is the day of independence for Guatemala and everyone is celebrating today, it may be a hard day to find lessons and people to teach but we will work hard! 

This has been a tough week with all that has been going on! This last Sunday not many people attended church, including members because of all the parades that they had to participate in! But we did have one family come to church and we are working hard with them so they can get married and be baptized. They have seen the gospel change their lives as they said that if the missionaries had not visited them they would still not be together. Now we just need to get them married and help them have an eternal perspective so that they can go to the temple in a year!

Yesterday I went somewhere that I haven't been for about a year and I was so happy... we went to Walmart! There is a Walmart here and a mall next to it and I had a tiny bit of culture shock in Walmart as I am not used to a store so big! But it was great and I even bought some snacks that I haven't had in forever like Jellybeans. it was great! 

Today we had a great district meeting and learned a lot about real intent. We learned to always pray with real intent and the importance of doing so. Because if we go to a lesson and say a pray that doesn't make it to heaven, how do we expect our investigators to do the same in order to receive an answer from the spirit! So always say prayers that you know have made it to heaven, as President Hinckley said " Talk to God" Not just talk and not listen. If there is one thing I have learned it is might prayer, which is mentioned 7 times in the Book of Mormon by the way. look for it! 

I know God answers prayers and that when we talk to him with real intent we will know what to do in everyday and every moment! Love you all,
Happy Independence Day! 
Elder Daybell

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