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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016

Hey Everyone, 

Well this has been a fun week. Just 1 more email after today. It's all so crazy I don't really believe it! But we have been having a lot of success and well good things are happening. 

On Sunday we had 6 men attend priesthood meeting that are from San Vicente Pacaya and that means that if they continue going and are all worthy, San Vicente Qualifies to be a branch!!!! Wahoo! President Tejeda the Stake President already sent the papers in to have it made into a branch. And we had 5 investigators as well and all 5 of them are preparing for the 11th of September

Dilia Martinez and her daughter Suleidy are super excited for their baptism on the 11th. We are also working with a reference from a member and her name is Kimberly Peralta, she also went to church and wants to be baptized the 11th of september and the biggest miracle that we had was a man named Natanael. He contacted us in the street and called us to talk to him. We went and he explained that he had found 2 books of the Teaching of the Prophets: Joseph fielding smith and Lorenzo Snow and he had read both of them He had also read the Book of Mormon. He had called Utah and they sent him to a church but then his car broke down so he could not go. Later some Sister missionaries went by but they stopped visiting him. Then we were walking in the street and he came to us and told us he knows the church is true and will do anything to be baptized. He went on Sunday and it was definitely a promise fulfilled that the Lord will guide people to us sometimes. So that is what we have going on right now. We hope to have 5 people for this 11th and soon after it gets approved this place will be a branch! 

Love you all

Elder Daybell 

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