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Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 7, 2016

Hey everyone, 

Hope that all is well, sounds like summer has kicked off for just about all of you so I hope you enjoy it! Here in Guatemala they are saying it is winter. The temperature is about the same, it just rains all the time. We have gotten soaked these last few days, but after a rainstorm the lake looks beautiful because it is so clear. 

We have been working hard in our area trying to see some miracles. I think this is the area where I learn more about the atonement of Christ than any other. Last week we had a meeting in the capital with all the other zone leaders so we got up at 2:00 to make it there on time, we were super tired for about the rest of the week. 

We are working with a young guy named Julio Estrada. He went to church 1 time and didn't go on Sunday because of the rain. Church attendance usually drops here when it rains haha. But we are going to keep working and possibly have a baptism for a girl that they can't find her records in the system. The church is organized! I know that it is the true one for that! LoveYou  all! 

Elder Daybell 

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