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Monday, March 28, 2016

March 8, 2016

Well this week was awesome, I feel like every week turns out to be super cool in the mission. There are always enjoyable experiences and yet there are hard ones as well. But in the end it all turns out to benefit our spiritual progress and it turns into a great blessing. 

This week we had a baptism! She is the sister of a less active woman that is being reactivated. The Girl who got baptized is Meckrin Cano. She is tall for her age and we surprised everyone when we told them that she was part of the primary and not the young womens. It was pretty funny to watch them as they had the baptism planned for the young women to be there and they scrambled to get the primary. But it all worked out and it was a wonderful baptism. Their family is super excited to be going back to church again. 

As for some miracles in this week, Hermana Rebekah, probably one of my favorite people here, she sends us a bible scripture everyday to get us pumped to do the work, is now inviting her family to listen to us. We went to talk to one of her nieces here and Rebeca's niece awent to church with her this week. We also found a girl and her father when I was in divisions with Elder Salcedo (who was in my district in La Noria) Who in the first visit was asking us about what she needed to do to serve a mission and help people like we did. So in the second visit we took a returned sister missionary and well she got super excited and it is looking like in the near future we will have many positive new additions to the ward here in Prados. We are also working with 2 families that we have found, one that I found with Elder Larsen and then they were never home but my companion Elder Gallacher ran into them again. So to me that is a sign that they are prepared and we need to teach them. 

This was a great week and just as I have said it almost througout my mission this next one will be as well. I hope you all have a great week! Love you, 
Elder Daybell
Baptism of Meckrin and Margarita

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