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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015

Hey everyone

This week we had changes and my new companion is Elder Larsen from Logan, Utah. He has 21 months in the mission so I think I may be his last companion and I also think and hope that I will be in this area for a very long time because of it! He is awesome and we have actually had many cool miracles here already. 

We got up on Saturday and I got a call that every missionary wants to receive. A man called and told me his girlfriend had attended church 4 times and was ready to be baptized, he even told me the day she wanted the interview and the baptism. We called her and she was awesome, so ready, she was even going to institute and learning there, she has a testimony but she lives in the area of the sister missionaries who we share a ward with. So we passed on the reference but it was quite the miracle and shows that sometimes the people come to you when they are ready. 

We got up on Sunday and went to pick up our investigator Zoyla Mecler and she came out with a big bag. We had planned her baptism for the 29th of this month because she had only attended 1 time and drank coffee Tuesday and the rule is she has to wait 10 days to be baptized. She told us that in the bag were her clothes for the baptism and we said are you sure. She told us she had already told all her family and they were going to be there and that if it didn't happen today it would never happen. So we called Presidente Markham and he gave us the OK and we made it clear to he that she needed to stop drinking coffee and she said never again will she touch it. So after a lot of running around to say the least she was baptized with all the family in attendance. It was an amazing miracle and the whole family thanked us after because they are all members! 

I am thankful to be a missionary. One thing I know is the spirit is in this work and i would do nothing on my own without it's guide. I hope you all have a happy thanksgivin, I will as well because we have a member here that said, Elders this week is thanksgiving and i know you eat turkey this day. I will make you turkey this Thursday. Miracles haha Love you all, 
Elder Daybell

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