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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

     Yesterday we received news that we would not be changing! For now, on January 16 my companion will return to El Salvador so I will not be leaving Ville Canales! Yesterday for P-day I learned how to cook platanos and how to make tortillas! It is still so hard but with practice i can learn just like the language!  
     These last few weeks have been a little rough with finding people so we went to the heavens in prayer and pretty much literally! We have a large hill behind us with a village on the side of it so we decided to spend a day there! and it was beautiful to look down on our area and this pretty country! We had a few lessons there but nothing was set in stone so we haven't gone back but it was a cool experience! 
    My faith has been strengthened this week. We were teaching one investigator and she said she wanted to be baptized and loved our message! We had a lesson set up with her on Saturday and when we knocked on her door, she went out a different door to the other side of the house and left, we were informed by the kids. So we went to look and when we saw her... She Ran. No se porque! I said to my companion that I wasn't sure we would see her again and he said just have faith! The next day she came to church! And we have a date set with her for the 21st of this month!! The Lord helped my unbelief like he did with the man who had a son with a devil in him. I know that the lord helps us in our faith in small ways but if we look for them we can find them! 
     We watched the Christmas devotional and I loved the music. I miss Christmas music so much! But I am where I need to be! Remember Christ in this crazy time of Christmas because He is the reason we celebrate this day and He is the reason we have ALL! I love you all and wish you a great week! 
Elder Daybell

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