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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September 29, 2014

We get to do a session every week for preparation day at the CCM and it's even in English because the CCM president was a temple worker. That has been the only time I have been beyond those gates. It kind of feels like a prison even though I know it isn't. The money used on my card was for a nice set of Spanish Scriptures at the Distribution center, I wanted ones with tabs, not the ugly hardback ones they give us here. There is a member who brings stuff on Pday to sell to us and I was able to get real shower sandals and my nikes are good and soft and dry now. I also bought one of those bags that say guatemala on it and I ordered a leather scripture case for my new scriptures that has a picture of Jesus on the front with the apostles in the water fishing (Fishers of men) and I asked for captain moroni on the back. I'm excited to get that next week, it has my name and my mission on it as well.  
As I said tomorrow we get to go to the big market and have Wendy's!! I am so excited. The teachers here are all returned missionaries. Here is how my week went.
Wednesday: The days kind of all blur together but Wednesday night we were writing out script for our lesson and one of the hermanos asked us what we were doing. He challenged us to go into the lesson without a script and after much persuasion he finally convinced us to try. He said he served in Salt lake West Spanish speaking and I asked him if he had ever been to Tooele and he said that was the place that changed his life. He said he loves everything about Tooele, it was funny to me but it showed me some things are taken for granted. 
Thursday: It was pretty much another day hard at work, our lessons were going great with our investigators mostly because we didn't prepare a script and the spirit was there. I feel like spanish is being pounded in my head. One of the Americans in our room has begun talking in spanish in his sleep, weird huh. 
Friday: Friday was just another day hard at work, I feel bad I can't remember much maybe I'll start writing things down. I just know I couldn't sleep friday night because we have to have the window open at night or we die and there is a club right next to us that is about 3 stories high. We call it the great and spacious building. haha 
Saturday: My cold began. There has been this awful cold going around the CCM and I happened to catch it. It was just sniffles on Saturday but Sunday was awful. We also began our 24 hour fast at 5 on Saturday and that just made me feel even worse on Sunday. We learned more spanish of course haha. 
Sunday: I love Sundays here. We have sacrament meeting in Spanish and if I didn't feel like I was dying from my cold and fasting I would have gotten up compartir (to share) my testimony. We had 4 hours of personal study which was amazing, I read 3 chapters in LDM and actually understood what was happening in each verse, the gift of tongues is real. We got to watch the restoration and a great devotional given by elder holland last night too. Some of the 6 weekers head out into the field tomorrow and I am going to miss them. My companion and I would always sit by them during lunch because the elders that came with us are a little immature still... 
Monday: after fasting and praying for health I no longer have a cold! The lord truly does help us in everything as we serve him and fast and pray.
Yo se que el evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero. Yo se que Dios bendices familias y que familias es el centro a Dios plan de felicidad. I love you all, I hope this week is more interesting to share, I'll use a small notebook to write things down.

Love, Elder Daybell

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